About Us

The Rochester Black Men Achieve (Roc BMA) is a local grassroots community-building initiative aimed at boldly addressing the incredible challenges facing Black men and young boys in the city of Rochester.

Roc BMA strives to meet the needs of Black men and young boys, who experience disproportionately high rates of poverty, family instability, failure in schools, health issues, unemployment, incarceration, and homicide compared to their peers.

Through our various events, community forums, public awareness campaigns, workshops, and trainings; Roc BMA will work to engage, encourage, involve, and empower Black men, youth, and young adults to improve their life outcomes by creating a pathway to success.



To provide support for the greater Rochester area in order to help develop Black men and young boys and enable them to realize their inherent potential and abilities



To be recognized within the community as a premier conduit for promoting Black Male Excellence and involvement in the city of Rochester.

We will accomplish our mission and vision through:

  • Raising the community’s level of awareness of the issues that disproportionately affect young men of color
  • Collaborating with community organizations that have a shared vision
  • Promoting and facilitating positive media attention
  • Providing a platform for recognition and peer affirmation
  • Supporting community-driven projects that encourage and promote men’s health, wellness, and fitness
  • Facilitating workshops, panel discussions, and conferences that promote Black male leadership, entrepreneurship, responsible fatherhood, healthy relationships, and financial empowerment
  • Fundraising to support Black male achievement and engagement via community funded micro-grants